The Sweetest Bling is an established sparkle business bringing you the
best since 2007.  
Our carefully curated collection embodies pure faceted perfection, head turning glamour, precision technology and unsurpassed quality.  
Our customers come from a variety of industries and interests: Dancesport, Gymnastics, Acro, Ballroom, Burlesque Babes, Fan Dancers, Physical Culture, Costumers, Fashion Designers, Bridal Gown designers, Couturiers, Equestrian, Hens Parties, Nail Technicians, Body Builders, Bikini Competitors, Quilters, Clothing, Accessories - yes the list is endless.
We are an accessible and contactable business, and it is our pleasure to provide product information, quotes and anything else you may require.
The Sweetest Bling is your sparkle source.